Benny Ofer 

The American Dream comes true for "The Flower Guru"! Award-winning designer, Benny Ofer, has been creating floral masterpieces and magnificent event concepts for over 35 years. His work combines his love of flowers, passion for design, and making the impossible a reality by breaking boundaries and soaring to new heights with every challenge. As a 3rd generation floral expert, his extensive knowledge,  resources, skill and talent is unparalleled and his creations unforgettable.

Benny takes great pride in every detail of his work, from the moment he meets with the client to beyond the events’ completion. His work transcends and draws the attention and recognition of social and corporate clientele alike.  His designs and innovation are always evolving providing clients with floral and event concepts that range in scale from luxurious magical atmospheres for life’s most precious moments and high-end charity galas to helping communicate and drive brand vision at product launches and corporate events.

Daniel Events is the culmination of many years of experience, dedication, consistency in exceeding expectations and infusing passion beyond compare. Unparalleled quality, trend-setting creativity, meticulous attention to detail, loyalty, and word of mouth are the cornerstones of the foundation he built Daniel Events upon and why he's earned the highest praise from clients, colleagues, peers and admirers around the globe.  

It is with great insight and caring that Benny has built a team of exceptional Creative Event Architects who are focused on the goals and objectives of each client while collectively bringing his vision and artistry to life for all his clients and will continue in the name of Daniel Events creating the magic that is expected of his designs.

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