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Luxury Shoot

We were honored to be invited for a luxury photo shoot with some of the world's most talented wedding experts right here in our own backyard at the prestigious Palm Beach luxury venue, the Four Seasons. The shoot was months in the planning and took place over the course a couple of days and was orchestrated by the lovely Rebecca of Phairis Luxury. We want all of our brides have the chance to have luxury on their wedding day and that is why we import the freshest flowers and pay the utmost attention to the smallest detail, as even with the most opulent of weddings, the details add luxury to the day. Take a look at a few of our snaps from the shoot and we can't wait for the professional photos to come through. Thank you so much for partnership of all the vendors who participated in the photo shoot.

Thank you to @FSPalmBeachEvents, @PhairisLuxury, @LiveYourBeauty, @DanielEvents, @ProvidentJewelry, @MollysTrolleys, @YumiKatsura, @GalitLevi, @BacioBacioBridal, @TheTuxShop, @FreireWeddingPhoto, @ZoeChristouWelsh, @DigitalProducto, @FalconHDVideos, @LashNoire, @opulentbrides, @CelebrationsbyKathy, @elementsandaccents, @different_look_rentals, @overthetoprentallinens

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