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Hi I'm Jan!

Experiences shape our lives, and I’m fortunate to be an architect of moments that leave lasting impressions on people through planning and designing everything from life’s most precious moments to events that drive brand vision. 

What I can do for you...

Whether it's a wedding, mitzvah, corporate conference, music festival, fashion show, or a charity gala, I love infusing creativity into every aspect, from selecting venues and crafting themes to designing stages and curating entertainment. It’s all in the details and I love details!

My passion for creating unforgettable experiences resonates and I strive to inspire my clients every step of the way. I’m great at remaining calm under pressure and very detail oriented but the best thing about me is that I love what I do and the amazing team here at Daniel Events.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to make magic happen. Let's connect.

561-393-1432 O   •   718-415-9153 C

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