Event Architects

Al Davis

Creative Director DE South

Nick Rind

General Manager

Jan Morris

Business Development Director

Al Davis has been designing show-stopping events for the past few decades in South Florida and is known for his Bigger than Life designs. He is the "go to" guy when you want to make a statement and he never fails to amaze his clients with new and innovative creations. He has no fear when it comes to design and that delivers one-of-a-kind events for his long list of top tier clients. Daniel Events is honored to have such an amazing designer join our team and we have even added a second showroom that is his space for his work and to provide convenience for servicing his clients.

At barely 30 years old, Nick has over 17 years of experience with Daniel Events. His mother, an event planner, worked with Benny in the early years and Nick was brought along to help on the events. Learning from the ground up, he is now one of the most seasoned employees in the company. Learning every facet of the business right by Benny's side. As his experience has grown, so has his responsibilities. Nick can run all each of the departments within Daniel Events. His knowledge of flowers and production is second to only Benny and his care of the smallest details makes him one of the best event leads in the industry. Smart, knowleadgable, energetic and very personable, Nick has become a very valuable part of the success of Daniel Events.

Highly-seasoned, with strategic planning and relationship building experience that is integral to the growth of the company. Jan has over 20 years of experience in the event and hospitality industry and has orchestrated memorable occasions with her skillful expertise ranging from gala events and large scale productions to high level corporate events and private soirees. As a Global Event Manager for Barclays, Jan had an extensive portfolio of events and managed key relationships with multiple national sports organizations and cultural institutions, facilitating complex sponsorship's and contract negotiations. Prior to joining us, Jan spear-headed national business development for acclaimed designer Barton G.

Michael Gonzales

Chief Operating Artist

Michael is one of the most talented 3 -dimensional artists in the event design industry. Having worked at such powerhouses of artistic creativity as Disney and MTV, Michael brings years of cutting edge design and fabrication to Daniel Events. His work has launched the company into another stratosphere with his innovation and ability to master all of the latest technology including video mapping and more. If there is a dream to make happen Michael will find a way to create it and make it all come to life. He is a treasure and Daniel Events makes full use of all his creativity and expertise.

Martha Nunez

Master Florist

Martha has been by Benny's side for over 12 years and has become a true Master Florist. Martha's hand-tied bouquets are breathtaking and the tiniest details are completed custom for each and every bride. In addition to her stunning bouquets, Martha's side-by-side working relationship with Benny brings to life his designs to create floral masterpieces. Martha and her team work seamlessly together with Benny for flawless production and setup for our events. Whether the flowers be for our clients wedding or a corporate affair, the care and details are never missed by our expert team of florists.

Pamela Manning

Managing Partner

Pamela comes from a varied background ranging from smaller family owned companies to senior management in a Fortune 500 company. Her work experiences began in creative design with a large music and entertainment company and then later into high level logistics, multi-level marketing and financial responsibilities of managing budgets of over $500,000+. Her interest in the arts was a driving force in her personal life and after a chance meeting with Benny she recognized his talent and passion. His need for structure within his company and her admiration of his unbelievable work have culminated into a partnership that is helping to move Daniel Events into a true force of strength in the Event Design world. 

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